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Dear Neo-Seniors,

One of the social myths I am challenging is the myth that you can't teach an old dog a new trick.  So, I grabbed my 3-String Appalachian dulcimer which I haven't touched for 4 years  since my dear wife died and tried my hand at this rendition of Jingle Bells ... This podcast is Take #7.....

The tempo is reverent and slow- given both my current skill level and the fact I am alone tonight in my 4-bedroom home as Christmas Eve 2017 slides in....but the ancient melody and spirit comes through, I hope. We needn't be virtuosos to tackle going live and sharing what we love to do..

Fellow Neo-Seniors,  this little traditional carol is for you.

Our bells still ring out, perhaps a bit slower but perhaps also a bit more soulful and sincere.   Yes, as we end this old year and move, ourselves older, into the New Year, go out and learn some new tricks.  Rejoice in your small victories and in each other and in the season.  Count our blessings and share what we can with those less fortunate aming us with prayers, good intentions, stuff, whatever. 

Please feel free to subscribe and like us and make comments either at this podcast site or via email to NeoSnation@agedandwise.com. What new tricks are you working on?  Would love to know and will share your input with us all in an upcoming cast!

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all other worthy rituals of passage out there. More to come for us all. Peace always and out for now!. 

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