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Hello out there in NeoSeniors Services Nation and, if you have enjoyed our podcasts before, welcome back …to those of you just discovering NeoSeniors podcasts, welcome aboard.

This is our newest addition to the podcast series titled “The Joys of Growing Old”.  And today, I am focusing on the the 2nd of my Six Joys of Growing Old. 

At some point, you may want to go back and listen to the earlier podcasts in this series/collecton. And I think you will begin to sense that while I call these joys “mine”, they are yours too! For sure!

The next podcast after this one in our Joys of Growing Old series will focus on the 3rd of my 6 Joys of Growing Old….”We Are More Contented”. I promise to be more consistent in my podcast publishing......it's a long story...

If you do find a new good insight into your Emotional Mindfulness from this podcast, feel free to subscribe and like us and make comments either at this podcast site or via email to NeoSnation@agedandwise.com . And learn more about what we bring our NeoSenior Nation citizens at: www.neoseniorswisdom.com 

So, here we go…..  Joy of Growing Old #2: We Handle Our Relationships Better".

PS: May be experimenting with a metronome on this one...If so, if you hear a metronomic sound, please let me know if you like it...am open to sound scaping a bit and your ideas for sure.....!   Thanks!                   And enjoy.....

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