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 Hello NeoSeniors Nation!   This podcast is a special edition!

 I was honored to be the guest on this podcast for The Retirement Wisdom's Noteworthy Series (http://www.retirementwisdom.com/)

This podcast title: Listen to Your Inner Voice – It Could be Your Wake-up Call

Welcome to this podcast which is the third episode of the Retirement Wisdom's Noteworthy Series, which  highlights an article that we think warrants your attention and host a conversation with a relevant guest.

Today’s article is The Power of Wakeup Calls by Gregg Levoy (Psychology Today – July 2017).

Our guest is Richard Losciale, who experienced his own personal wake-up call that changed the way he lived his life – from being focused on the aspirational to being focused on the inspirational.  As Rich listened to his inner little voice, he worked hard to recover from being near death and transformed his life by shifting his mindset to his higher purpose and developed a stronger sense of who he is.  His company, Neo-Seniors Services LLC , focuses on improving the well-being and mindfulness of those who are looking to optimize their senior years and live better lives.

You can learn more about me (Richard Losciale): Neo-Seniors Services LLC  website

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